Multi-level poultry facilities based on the Multifloor concept are available in two different configurations: EGGoist and EGGoist-MAX. From a design perspective, the only difference is the installation of additional poultry free range panels. The rest of the systems, such as feeding, drinking, litter removal, egg collection and microclimate control systems are similar. EGGoist-MAX solution enables housing of 30% more poultry in the same space as compared to the standard configuration thanks to installation of the additional free-range panels.

The additional panels are installed on top of the feeding lines. Large water-proof plywood slabs are mounted on the strong and reliable steel frame. These panels serve as the extra clawing areas, where the hens are free to satisfy their natural instincts. Thanks to minor inclination, the litter is easily scraped away from the plywood by the hens themselves and falls on the litter removal line. To facilitate and speed-up the litter removal process, an additional litter removal belt can be installed on top of the plywood. LED lamps are installed underneath the panels and feeding lines, so the facility has no shaded area other than special nests for egg laying

EGGoist-MAX is the optimal solution for the most efficient use of the effective land site area and maximum profitability of the poultry business.

EGGoist and EGGoist-MAX Comparison

Building dimensions:

  • Length 46 m (150.9 ft)
  • Width 14 m (46 ft)
  • Height 6,312 m (20.7 ft)
EGGoist несушка

USA standards

EGGoist EGGoist-MAX
Total house capacities Recommended number of hens:
12070 (without additional area)
Recommended number of hens:
15500 (with additional area)
Area available 12070 sq. ft 1 hen/1 sq. ft 12070 15512 sq. ft 1 hen/1 sq. ft 15500
Nest space 1395 sq. ft 78 hen/9 sq. ft 12090 1395 sq. ft 100 hen/9 sq. ft 15500
Nipples 1250 pcs 10 hens/1 nipple 12500 1550 pcs 10 hens/1 nipple 15500
Feeding 1510 ft 0.125 ft 12080 2000 ft 0.125 ft 16000
Perches 6040 ft 0.5 ft 12080 7750 ft 0.5 ft 15550
Litter area 1795 sq. ft 15% 15% 5239 sq. ft 15% 34%

European standards

EGGoist EGGoist-MAX
Total house capacities Recommended number of hens:
10080 (without additional area)
Recommended number of hens:
12960 (with additional area)
Area available 1120 m² 9 h/m² 10080 1440 m² 9 h/m² 12960
Nest space 129,6 m² 78 h/m² 10100 129,6 m² 100 h/m² 12960
Nipples 1010 pcs 10 h/1 nipple 10100 1300 pcs 10 h/1 nipple 13000
Feeding 1216 m 1 h/0,1m 12160 1824 m 1 h/0,1m 18240
Perches 1824 m 1 h/0,15m 12160 1950 m 1 h/0,15m 13000
Litter area 167,2 m² 33% 15% 487,2 m² 33% 34%

EGGoist without additional area

EGGoist-MAX with additional area

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