VIV MEA 2021 International Trade Fair in Abu Dhabi


VIV MEA 2021
23.11.2021 – 25.11.2021
Abu Dhabi, UAE, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC/ADIEC)

VIV MEA 2021 Trade Fair For Innovative Animal Production And Processing in Abu Dhabi once again will display the innovative technologies in the field of state-of-art agriculture and related industries. VIV MEA event is held biennially and covers not only the main aspects of poultry farming, livestock farming and fish breeding, but also the entire technological chain, from feed production to food processing, including, but not limited to poultry, meat and fish processing and packaging technologies. The participants of the event will display the existing equipment as well as their new and promising developments. The trade fair will include conferences and discussions on such topics as current opportunities and problems in the industry, global economic reports and analytics from company representatives, the impact of international relations on the development of agriculture and much more.

This year, TEXHA will once again take part in VIV MEA 2021 in Abu Dhabi to present its equipment. We invite you to join the event and keep up to date with the latest agricultural technologies.

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Международная выставка оборудования и технологий для птицеводства, животноводства, кормопроизводства и здоровья с/х животных VIV MEA 2021 в Абу-Даби

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